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Bobby Branton has a deep and rich history with Harry K. McEvoy and the Tru Balance Knife company.

Back when Bobby had begun to make knives, he was searching for info on what made a quailty throwing knife.

He stumbled upon Harry McEvoy owner of the Tru balance Knife Company of Grand Rapids Michigan.

The two became friends and Harry mentored Bobby on his formula for what made a quality throwing knife.

After a lot of snail mail correspondence, Bobby decided to make his own line of throwing knives and asked his knife throwing mentor Harry, if he could pay him to design his first line of throwers.

Bobby Branton
Bobby Branton  

With McEvoy's support and encouragement, Bobby went on to design and add to that line of knives.

In the late eighties, McEvoy was looking at serious retirement and sold two franchises of his world famous Tru Bal Knife company and had plans to sell the Tru Bal Knife company. After a few years, both franchises became defunct and Bobby purchased the assets and rights to one of these companies, but went on to develop and market his line of throwers with hopes of one day being able to bring this company back to life.

Shortly after that, McEvoy passed away after a brief illness.

When the news reached Bobby, he called to talk with family members who he had never met and found out that Harry's Son, Stephen had worked very closely with his father over the years. Bobby was told that Stephen would be carrying on the family business of making throwing knives.

A friendship quickly developed between Stephen and Bobby who began to correspond frequently and became very close friends.

After being entrenched into the knife throwing scene and with his desire to preserve and promote knife throwing, Bobby began collecting the older Tru Bal Knives and had amassed a large collection.

After talking to Stephen one day, Bobby received Stephen's blessings to bring back the old knife throwing organization that his father had founded, known as The American Knife Throwers Alliance.

After consulting with his wife, Brenda, and long time professional Knife thrower Che Che Whitecloud and Stephen, Bobby held the first all knife throwing tournament that had been held in the US in years.

It was a huge success and the AKTA is still going strong with it's original mission of promoting and preserving the art of knife throwing and a sport and hobby.

This is the beginning of what we hope to be a combined venture of two longtime advocates for knife throwing that will continue to provide the industry with quality throwing knives and to keep this historical brand viable for many years to come.

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